Cooking Moroccan food

Beginner or advanced people can make Moroccan food during an entire day and impress their family when they come back! The Moroccan food is one of the best food in the world. The gastronomy is mainly made with chicken, spices, tajine, couscous etc. If you want to learn how to cook Moroccan food, a lot […]

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Peninsula tour

From Cape Town to the point of Good Hope in one day: one of the best trip to do in the area of Cape Town! During one day for about 28 euros or 463 rands, you can discover the amazing landscapes of this area. We left the morning in a van which was really funny and […]

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Cape Town NU world festival

South Africa and especially Cape Town has a lot of activities during the evening. You cannot go in Cape Town and not going out! From the 17th to the 18th of July 2015, the NU world festival took place in the city hall of Cape Town. It was during Mandela week. Basically, during this week, […]

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Cambodia: the place to be!

The well know Angkor Vat temple.   Palace in the capital of Phnom Penh.   Giants tree growing on temples. Nature gets over it.   In Cambodia, there is a lot of temples all over the country.   Walking into a destructed temple. This is where the movie “Two brothers” was filmed.   The women […]

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4 days in Vietnam

In the countryside of Ho chi Minh.   Typical rice cakes drying.   A speciality from Asia :  the dragonfruit   In the capital of Ho Chi Minh, there is a lot of motorbikes traffic.   Sellers in the street of colourful and special rice.   The floating market: an incredible experience. Buying your fruits, vegetables […]

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A walk to Lion’s head

On a Saturday afternoon, what can you do in Cape Town? If you want to walk on one of the mountain of the mother city, Lion’s head is a good choice. Lion’s head allow us to have a beautiful view of Cape town and at the same time do some exercise. There is 2 ways […]

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South African markets

In Cape Town you can be lost in all the different markets that you can find. Markets that I am talking about are about souvenirs or art. I really liked two markets in Cape Town : Green market square and Pan African Market. I went three times in green market square. There you can find […]

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Moroccan life

Some sweeties and seeds that you can eat or just admire.     Panoramic view  with the Koutoubia     Modernity /vs/ old transport mode     Prickly pear in the streets     The cat’ street   Living in the palm grove.   Credits : Tina Meunier

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