Bo-Kaap : a colorful stop

When I was in South Africa, I spent most of my time in Cape Town. The mother city gave me a lot and I still have a wonderful “souvenir” of it. But before going there, as everyone, I started to look some guides to know what I have to do. Obviously, the area of Bo-Kaap came in the first ones.

This is why with one _DSC3123.jpgof my housemate we decided to go there on our first weekend. To describe it in few lines Bo-Kaap is the Muslim area. Actually, I don’t really know if most of the Muslim population of Cape Town is living there but some of them certainly do.

Bo-Kaap is especially well known  for its beautiful and colorful houses. When you go there it seems like you’re leaving the center of Cape Town to enter in a small village which is like you never saw before. You can’t stop smiling with all this colors around you. Yes kind of weird…

_DSC3144.jpgYou must have in mind that not all houses from this area are as colorful as they are on the pictures. The more you walk away from the center of the area the more colors on houses are depigmented. This is still nice but not as stunning as the first houses that you see.

I went there from the train station by walking and it was around 15 min, so it’s not far away and you can stop by the parliament to feed some little squirrels.


Moreover if you want to have a panoramic view of Bo-Kaap and tablemountain at the same time, you can get lost in this area while walking on the mountain. You may be short of breath at the end because the road is uphill but it’s worthy. On the contrary what it’s not is to go to Bo-Kaap on a cloudy day. I went another weekend there while it was cloudy and the result is completely different.

Bo-Kaap is a nice memory from Cape Town and show how colored and joyful the population is… There is no better representation of this city than the diversity of the happiest colors!

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