Open your mind !

“Some people are more likely to travel than others”… I think this is not true!

Travelling over the world

Travelling is making people who they are. I didn’t really understand this when I was younger. However, I’m grateful to my parents that always made me travel. First I visited  Italy, Spain, Açores, England, Portugal, Marrocco, Turkey… Then I decided to go in Ireland in a summer camp: my first experience out of France ALONE! I continued to travel around the world with my family : Sri Lanka, Cambodia, US…

My first real shock : when I was in South Africa. I went there for 5 weeks alone to achieve a journalism project . I had to travel alone and manage all the things that go with it. I didn’t realize how I changed when I was in South Africa, but when I came back I saw that all my habits were kind of changed. I didn’t cross the road the same way as before, didn’t eat at the same hours… All the little things that make who you are are evolving.

The blog “travel with Tina”…

This blog has the aim to talk about my big experiences during my trips and try to give some advice about what I experienced. I will not talk about all my past trips because I was too young to tell something interesting. However some exceptions will be aborded. I’m also doing this blog because I want to remember some little things that I loved or hated by reading it afterwards.

I’m going in Asia from February to June so a lot of posts are hopefully coming…

Because I also love photography I will try to put as many beautiful pictures as I can.

I’m not a native English so please be indulgent with my grammar…

Hope I will continue this blog for a loooong time


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