On the top of the world: Table mountain

One thing that you MUST do in Cape Town is the well known Table Mountain. Courageous people can go there by walking (about 4hours for one way) and others (like I did) can take the cable car! The ticket for both ways is about R240 (15 euros) but if you are a student (and you have your student card) on Friday afternoon it’s R130 (8 euros).

_DSC3251.jpgTable mountain was one of my first activity in Cape Town so I was really excited. When you are arriving at the top (5min by cable car) the view is stunning. I have no words to describe the view and the atmosphere. I took an entire afternoon to walk on the top and admire all the little things that you may see.


I didn’t expect that, but the top of table mountain is huge! On one side you can see the city of Cape Town, on another side Lion’s head and Robben Island and on the last side the peninsula.


On Table mountain you feel powerful because you can see whatever you want. Moreover there is a peaceful atmosphere and you can relax observing the view during hours.

_DSC3195.jpgSome animals are also coming to say hi! A lot of birds but most important the “Dassie”. This animal is really cute and looks like a marmot but ladies and gentlemen be careful it bites…


It seems obvious but you should go there on a sunny day or you may see nothing…

I strongly recommend table mountain : one of the best thing I ever saw.



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