Chilling on Muizenberg beach

IMG_20150808_033142.jpgIf you are in Cape Town for a long time as I did, sometimes you just want to relax. Climbing table mountain, Lion’s head, going from the city center to the suburb… this is quite exhausting. To finish the week in beauty what it’s great to do is to relax on the beach, do a long promenade with the feet in the water, eat a pizza…


You can go to Muizenberg by train (about 20 min for the city center) to enjoy the beach. Muizenberg is famous in Cape Town and during summer the place can be crowded. In itself the area of Muizenberg is not really interesting… You can find few restaurants along the beach but not a lot more. One of the restaurants called Tiger’s milk is good and if you are early enough you can go upstairs and eat while watching a sunset on the beach.
As you understood, Muizenberg does not offer a lot, especially in winter. If20150807_160324.jpg you are coming in summer a lot of surf lessons are given. You can thus try to dominate South African waves. You can still do it in winter but the water is really cold.


The beach of Muizenberg has 2 specialties20150807_155200.jpg. First, a lot of surfers are practicing there. Look at them and if you are lucky enough you can see a whale! But if not don’t worry, watching surfers are still a good show. Secondly, on a part of Muizenberg’s beach a lot of little colorful houses are aligned.

If you are walking around the beach, a photoshoot with these houses is a good option.

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