A walk with… Lions

What about spending  some time with big cats? Yeah, you can approach them and admire their beauty from closer than usual. During the garden route (cf article “Fauna in South Africa”) lion’s walk is a worthy detour in my opinion.

_DSC3806.jpgAt first, I wasn’t quite sure that walking behind Lions will bring me a special emotion, feeling. But I’m so glad I did it!

This experience was so memorable. Basically by small groups (around 10 people) you’re going to walk with two lions and of course some guards for about 30 minutes.

Before going in their natural habitat, you have to take a huge stick with you and always hold it in front of you. This stick is supposed to show your superiority to the Lions. It seems really stupid but when you have nothing in front of these animals you’re quite reassured in one way.
_DSC3753.jpgAt first, you didn’t expect how massive they could be… but when they are walking  you can see all the muscles move. Moreover, sometimes guards throw away some meat. Lions basically jump on it as fast as they can. This is when you realize how dangerous they could be.

thumb__DSC3862_1024.jpgWhen I did it, my two lions were female so without a mane. They were still quite impressive especially when they climbed trees. Guards were lovely and helped me to take closer pictures (of course I was not allowed). We had two stops to take pictures with Lions. You are about 5 meters behind them, smiling, with you stick as your only defense… Quite impressive….


To sum up: an amazing experience that you have to do at least once in your life!



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