Fauna in South Africa

As you may guess fauna in South Africa is very diversified. If you want to make sure that you will encounter all of them a safari seems to be the better option.


In South Africa the “garden route” is well known by tourists.. Most of the time you take 3/4 days within an organism. During these days you have the possibility to walk with Lions (cf article “Walk with Lions”), do a safari, feed elephants, bungee jump…(The price is about 2800 rands / 190 euros without bungee jump). I slept in a super nice motel just next to the beach which was included in the price of the garden route (Afrovibe Adventure Lodge).

During the safari I had the possibility to see _DSC3933.jpggiraffes, elephants, lions, gazels, rhinoceros, hippotamus and more. This safari was kind of magic because you are in a 4×4 in the middle of the mountains. The vegetation is really beautiful and the fresh air boost your mind. However if you are going in South Africa during winter take warm clothes: with the speed of the car you may become an ice cube!

The next day some people went bungee jumping. All over the road you can see big monkeys. Some of them are climbing on the cars but do not open the windows or doors. They can be aggressive and steal your camera or other objects.

_DSC3978.jpgThen we went to the elephant’s farm. At the entrance some amazing zebras were in liberty. You can approach them as soon as they are not afraid of you. You can also buy a fruit basket to feed the elephants. This is what I did! Elephants are huge and impressive. They looked like hoovers when they ate the fruits. It was real_DSC4003.jpgly funny… After their snacks you can touch them while some guides are explaining facts about them and are willing to answer your questions.

On the final day, we went to a zoo to discover more of the wildlife in South Africa. Usually, I’m really excited when I’m in a zoo but I really didn’t like this one. In my opinion, there were not enough space for animals to live. Even if animals were beautiful they looked sad and stuck like in a prison.

_DSC4192.jpgIn South Africa especially around the area of Cape Town a lot of Ostrich farms are existing. You may visit some of them, feed the ostrich and even when the ground is not too muddy you can ride an ostrich! I did feed them which was really funny and changed my mind from the zoo.

In one sentence : You can not go in South Africa without discovering the nature and the wildlife of it.

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