South African markets

In Cape Town you can be lost in all the different markets that you can find. Markets that I am talking about are about souvenirs or art. I really liked two markets in Cape Town : Green market square and Pan African Market.

I went three times in grethumb__DSC3418_1024.jpgen market square. There you can find whatever you are looking for to bring at home. A lot of souvenirs are really beautiful and typical. Even if you don’t want to buy anything just walking around that place is beautiful. You can find a lot of colorful jewelry, kitchen accessories and even some decorated ostrich eggs… Before buying something I recommend walking around the market first because a lot of shops are looking the same. You may find in some of them the precious pearl.

Green market square has one disadvantage for me: there is no fixed prices. Don’t be shy and try to negotiate as best as you can! This market is well indicated and about 10min by walking from the train station.



thumb_20150804_151940_1024.jpgThe second market: The Pan African market is in a building and is not selling only south African stuff. You can find a lot of art from all over Africa. A lot of sellers are not speaking well English because they’re coming from Congo, Burkina Faso, Senegal… If you’re speaking french this is a great advantage.

In the Pan African market, all the prices are fixed. In my opinion, this market is more about appreciating and looking the art that buying a lot of souvenirs. This market is near Long street about 8min by walking from the train station.

These two markets are inevitable stops if you want to discover in a little amount of time the art and buy some little things from Africa.



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