A walk to Lion’s head

On a Saturday afternoon, what can you do in Cape Town? If you want to walk on one of the mountain of the mother city, Lion’s head is a good choice.

Lion’s head allow us to have a beautiful view of Cape town and at the same time do some exercise. There is 2 ways to go at the top: an easy and hard one. I took the easy one: I’m not a great sportive….

The way up is about 2,5 hours and same for the way back. This is a good alternative from the table mountain and its 4 hours for one way… When I was in Cape Town everyone told me that a lot of people are going up and down really easily. They said you can wear jean and converse…_DSC4275.jpg

After we did it my friends and I can tell that on the contrary it’s better to have good shoes and appropriate clothes. The beginning of the road is really easy but from the middle to the end you have to climb ladder, rocks, avoid to fall in the water etc. However, the way is accessible for everybody with a good health capacity and a lot of people are doing this walk as well.

At some moments you are very close from ravines and it’s quite dangerous. Make sure you are with some friends or stick with a group of tourist in the case of something happen.
When you are arriving at the top _DSC4292.jpgthe view is stunning. On one side you can see all the center of Cape Town, Table mountain, Robben Island. On the other side you should be able to see Camp’s bay, Simon’s town and a part of the peninsula. We didn’t have much time to stay at the top but some people had their champagne and picnic to enjoy the rest of their evening.

We wanted to go there for the sunset and then go back with the light of the moon because we thought the way was easy.. At the end we decided to go back from the top before the end of the sunset. It was a really good idea: the part around the top is quite dangerous and it’s easy to slip on the wet rocks (I fall twice and my friends as well…).


If you want to see the sunset at the top and go back in the night it’s really possible but you need flashlights and some medicines in case if you fall.



With all these precautions you should have one of the best view of Cape Town and amazing memories.

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