Cape Town NU world festival

South Africa and especially Cape Town has a lot of activities during the evening. You cannot go in Cape Town and not going out!

From the 17th to the 18th of July 2015, the NU world f20150718_211527.jpgestival took place in the city hall of Cape Town. It was during Mandela week. Basically, during this week, a lot of events are happening  in order to support Mandela’s work and help the country by small actions. People can register themselves on the Internet to help some schools to be built, give some food to people… A lot of artistic events are also promoted like this one.

This festival was worldwide and lots of artists came from all other the world: South Africa, Austria, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Turkey… It gave to the festival a special atmosphere and it’s surprisingly pleasant to hear. The mix of all different kinds of music is representing the diversity of South African population which is really interesting.

20150718_204435.jpgMoreover, the city hall of Cape Town is an amazing place. The main stage looks like you’re in a theater. You can be seated on the seat and watch the show from the top or dancing in front of the stage. You can choose your atmosphere and enjoy the show. Upstairs there are also some rooms where artists are playing music. You can go from African vibes to European DJ by changing rooms.

The chill out place is also really beautiful: a lot of lights gave a really relax atmosphere. A fake tree with umbrellas is giving some charm to the place.

Outside you can also enjoy some 20150718_202752.jpgspecial food trucks, going from Indian food to burgers via south African.


For more informations you can check the website:


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