Peninsula tour

From Cape Town to the point of Good Hope in one day: one of the best trip to do in the area of Cape Town!

During one day for about 28 euros or 463 rands, you can discover the amazing landscapes of this area.

We left the morning in a van which was really funny and gave an atmosphere of “road trip”. We basically went from places to other places through this van. The road was quite long but is really beautiful so even looking at the road is stunning.

First we went to Houtbay: this is lthumb__DSC3477_1024.jpgike a small bay into the mountains. It was quite surprising because I never saw something like that before. If you walk in the harbour you can see sea lions waiting for food! Afterwards, we took a boat to admire sea lions and birds on the sea. The fact of seeing sea lions is not really extraordinary but the trip in the boat is worthy. It’s relaxing and you can admire the beauty of south African landscape.

The next stop was Boulder Beach. This beach is really famous for its penguins. You can go there by train from the city centre to the “Simthumb__DSC3530_1024.jpgon’s town” stop.

There you can admire the beach with different shades of blue.. quite paradisiac. I took the free walk to see penguins which was really good.You are walking on a small path and penguins are around you (sleeping for most of them… It was nap time). There is also a paid path: you can go on the beach, take pictures with penguins… I didn’t think it was worthy.

Athumb__DSC3567_1024.jpgfter a long time of driving, we finally arrived at the natural reserve of Cape Point. To way to go to the top can be made even by cable car or by walking (about 15minutes). At the top, you can see all the area of Cape point which is stunning and wonderful.


thumb__DSC3643_1024.jpgFrom this point, you can join by a medium walk the Cape of good Hope: one of the symbols of the Cape Town area. The walk was really pleasant and you can encounter monkeys or ostriches! At the end, we did admire an amazing sunset in front of the signal “Cape of Good Hope” and went back to the city because the closure of the natural reserve during winter is around 5 pm.

The peninsula tour is a packed day of emotions with really beautiful landscapes. You can admire the nature all over the day …


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