The beast and the Beauty: horse version

Chantilly: 25 minutes from Paris by train and also called the horse city. Well known for it castle and royal stables every year a show is taking place during Christmas time.

IMG_0039.jpgThis year, the show is about the tale of the beast of the beauty.A young girl living with two awful sisters, will one day meet a beast. She’s really afraid of him but because he’s really sweet and nice he will win the heart of the beauty. The show of Chantilly cannot be a usual version: it’s a horse show version!

First of all, what it’s pleasant in this show is that you are in the royal stable which is in itself beautiful. Moreover, before the show you can admire horses in their boxes resting waiting for the show.IMG_0074.jpg

The show in itself is nice and poetic. Actors have amazing costumes, they also are really good at horse riding and are doing a lot of stunning figures. The beast managed six horses standing up on two of them! Other artists are dancing in the air suspended to a chandelier.

This is a lovely show during Christmas time to see. It can be seen as the family going out! If you don’t want to miss it the show is playing until the 3td of January 2016.

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