The magical land: Bruges

IMG_0311.jpgWe (my family and I) continued our trip around Belgium to go to the little city of Bruges. I already went there once when I was younger and I loved it. I had the same feeling this time, my heart is always melting in this city!

Usually, the city is quiet even if it’s touristic. This time, the city was totally crowded and most of people were using bicycle instead of cars. There is not much to do in Bruges excepting chilling in the streets. The main place is really beautiful and full of typical houses (as you can see on the main picture). These houses are colorful, vertical, long, and ends like stairs.

IMG_0351.jpgWhen you are walking around the city you encounter so much food and Christmasy shops. Chocolate fountains or even chocolate Christmas tree are breathtaking and make you dream. Other shops are full of adorable Christmas decorations and you can feel like you’re in Santa’s house.



IMG_0347.jpgBetween these houses and shops, channels are making the city more magical and out of the time. To do a quick tour of the city a lot of horse drawn carriage are proposing it. It was about 25 minutes but we already saw the tour the day before by walking. Fun but not extraordinary!




Spending one day in Bruges is like going to an out time space and go perfectly with the Christmas spirit.

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