Scuba diving in Egypt

Few years ago I went in Marsa Alam (Egypt) with my family. It was my first experience of scuba diving and was not disappointed at all. Under the red sea, we discovered a lot of amazing and colorful fishes. Taking pictures of them was really hard but here some pictures about this incredible week in Egypt!


Here a bunch of fishes. Most of the time they stay together around corals.



One of the most beautiful ray I ever saw with its blue polka dot.



This is a big turtle. You may not imagine on this photo but the turtle was three times bigger than me.



One of the colourful fish that you can encounter. (Sohal surgeonfish about 35cm).



Nemo into its anemone! (there were a lot of clownfishes about 14cm).



Again, two colorful fishes. The left one is called the Erythree butterfly fish (14cm) and the right one is called the royal angel fish (25 cm).



A bunch of orange fishes with their coral.

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