8 things to do in Marrakesh

  1. The palace El-Badi

This is one of the first things that I saw when I arrived in the city. This palace had the purpose of receiving amazing parties with more than 360 rooms and beautiful gardens, fountains and flowers around 1578. The saadiens destroyed the palace years later and now just ruins remains. In a dark room, you can imagine how it was before with a reconstituted movie. If you are looking on the top of the structures a lot of starks have their nest. The palace is still a great place to see and is interesting if you like the history of Morroco. (Picture: cf main picture).


2. Saadien tombs

20151026_110710.jpgJust next to the Palace El-Badi the Saadien tombs are not like a cemetery! The place is beautiful and the architecture looks like the Alhambra in Spain. You can see different rooms used to pray or buried family. One of them is for buried the family, another one for children and the last one for the Sultan wifes. The graves are not as stern as in our countries: they are green, white, red, blue, yellow… It’s not a heavy atmosphere and it’s more like a touristic thing to do.



3. Getting lost

In Marrakesh even if you looked on the internet, have 10 different maps of the city you are going to be lost in the Merida. The city center is like a maze and it’s really hard to find your way in one time. Do not panic and take your time! You can ask to the local population but for most of them, they don’t know where you are going and they tell you something wrong. For others, they are guiding you to some place which is not what you’re looked for and ask you some money. Take a map with you, ask to people while being careful and you’ll find the good way some day 🙂


4. The Koutoubia

20151026_172343.jpgThe Koutoubia is one of the main symbols of the city. This is a masterpiece of the Hispano-Mauresque art with 17 naves which make this mosque one of the biggest in the world. The garden around the Koutoubia is not really beautiful. One of the things we did and which was really amazing was to go on the roof of a restaurant, have a drink and watch the sunset on the Koutoubia which was lit. It was such a nice moment! (cf picture in photo spread about Marocco)



5. Eat

IMG_20151026_150131.jpgMorrocan food is well known to be one of the best in the world. This is true! There is such a variety of spices, fruits, vegetables that make every meal delicious. When you go there try as many food as you can like: tajine, couscous, marka, msemmens (Moroccan crepes), Batbout (Moroccan bread), mint tea, Morrocan pastries…. If I have to give you one place to eat is the “Café Clock”: the food is amazing, the place really charming, everything is for the best !! (224, derb Chtouka, http://www.cafeclock.com)


6. The palm grove

IMG_0593.jpgThe last day, we went on the red bus to do a last tour of the city. One of the tours was great because it was outside of the city center and we saw the new Marrakesh. Indeed, the city center is really typical and traditional but Marrakesh is also a city which is growing and modernizing. After been there, we saw the palm grove which was again another face of the city. The landscape is mainly made of palm tree, sand and camels. You can stop and do a camel ride. We didn’t do that because few years ago we did it and I was bit by a camel at the leg, it was pretty bad…. Anyway! The palm grove was created by Youssef Ben Tachfine in order to irrigate the water. After a sickness of the palm trees, promoters bought a lot of land to build hotel and villas. In 2007, the Mohammed-VI foundation for the environment, tried to stop these constructions. Nowadays, the goal is almost complete!


7. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride

20151027_155339.jpgThis is a fun thing to do! Take a horse at the place Jema-el-Fna and do a tour of the city center. Even if you already saw the city I just enjoyed to do it. We laughed a lot about how my mum was scared in the carriage and it was a nice moment I wanted to share.





8. The palace Bahia

This day, I was so sick that I didn’t enjoy as I could this palace but even ill I knew it was beautiful.This palace is one of the most conserved in the city. This palace has an incredible architecture, amazing gardens, flowers, is really colorful. This is one of the best thing I saw in Marrakesh!!





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