A peaceful place in Marrakesh

20151027_100631.jpgLast October I went to Marrakesh with my sister and my mother. I found the city really interesting (cf blogpost: things to do in Marrakesh) but also really stressful. I am spending a lot of time in Paris and people say this is a stressful city…Marrakesh is 9 times worse! But when you are  going a little bit outside of the city center you can find some peace and it’s really enjoyable.

The Majorelle garden was created during the 20s by the french painter Majorelle. He came into Marrakesh in 1919 and fall in love with the city. He found in Marrocco a source of inspiration as he never knew before.



In 1924, the painter decided to create this garden with a multitude of rare seems and draw the fountains. A color is really important in its garden which you can find everywhere “the blue Majorelle”. After a long time after his death, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought the garden and helped to re built it as it was before.


IMG_0346.jpgThis garden is amazing! Even if it’s touristic if you are going early enough in the morning you should appreciate its beauty. The blue on the monuments is giving to the garden a special atmosphere. A lot of different species of cactus are represented. Some are with weird shapes other are bigger than a house!

Inside it, you can find the Berber museum which is  interesting and allow us to understand better the Morrocan culture. You can see national dresses, jewels, objects and this is not boring!!! Indeed, I did a lot of museum with old objects and it was really tedious. There the scenography was beautiful and highlights the exposition.

To sum up: a little place of peace into Marrakesh which help you to take a new breath and go back in the city!


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