Tsukiji : fish market in Tokyo

_DSC4471.jpgTsukiji, biggest fish market of the world located in the center of Tokyo. Well known for its tuna auction at 5 a.m, this market is full of fish varieties. If you want to see the tuna auction you must come really early, because the number of place is limited to 100 people. But, even if you are not coming at the first light of the sun, you could always see other species of fishes (like I did).

Yes, it seems not really attractive to come in the morning in a fish market. However, the smell is not as strong as I imagined. You are walking in this huge wholesale market, see octopus, big tuna, and unidentified fishes.

_DSC4468.jpgPeople who work there are on small wagons to transport fishes. It’s a real ballet of these transportations. However, you have to be careful not to be overturned by one of the wagons. (they are really fast and do not pay attention to tourists).




_DSC4466.jpgAt the end of the market, a crowd of people is waiting to have a place in small restaurants which serve sushis or other meals with fresh fish. If you are courageous enough to eat fish in early morning this is an experience to do.

If you are coming later (for lunch) you can wait a long time before eating. There is too many people who wants to eat there for lunch.



This market is really showing the love of Japanese peope for fishes. Indeed, fish is central in Japanese gastronomy, almost all the restaurants are proposing fish or seafood. Tsukiji fish market was a surprise to me, I discovered fishes or seafood that I never saw before ( cf pictures below).




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