A trip to Takayama

After taking two different train from Tokyo and spent all the morning in it, I arrived for two days in Takayama. This little city is at the beginning of the Japanese mountains chains. Even if the trip seems long it really worth it because being in the train is passionating. The train is literally on the […]

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Ueno park in Tokyo

When you think of a park you don’t imagine what’s inside the Ueno park. This huge park is located in Tokyo, Japan, and shelter so much things to see and explore. You could easily spend the day there especially on a sunny day! The most beautiful thing that I loved there was the multitude of […]

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Lighted Tokyo

One of the things that you think about Japan is the modernity of cities, a huge amount of people crossing the streets, light everywhere, being surrounded of game places… And this is not just a cliché! Of course, Japan is twofold with its traditional part and its modern part, but the modern part is really […]

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Kawaii Japan : Harajuku area

Harajuku is an area of Tokyo well known for its modernity and its young population. Extravagant people of Tokyo are concentrated while doing some shopping, eating or just walking around. This is the kind of place where when you enter into a shop, you discover an entire universe like you could imagine the modern Japan. […]

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Homigot sunrise in Pohang

Since I’m living in South Korea for 6 months, during public holidays my friends and I decided to rent a car and go see the sunrise in Pohang. Pohang is located in the South of South Korea about 3 hours by train from Seoul. Homigot is one of the eastern point of the Korean peninsula and […]

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Senso Ji: best temple of Tokyo

In the area of Asakusa, the Senso Ji temple is an inevitable stop in the capital of Japan. Even though it is a crowded place, Senso Ji has still an important charm. Before seeing the actual temple you are walking (or at least, trying to walk) in a small street full of little shops, souvenirs, Japanese […]

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