Homigot sunrise in Pohang

Since I’m living in South Korea for 6 months, during public holidays my friends and I decided to rent a car and go see the sunrise in Pohang. Pohang is located in the South of South Korea about 3 hours by train from Seoul.

IMG_1571.jpgHomigot is one of the eastern point of the Korean peninsula and locals are going to see the sunrise especially for the Korean new year. This place is really famous for its hand called the “coexistence hand”. When the sun goes up it looks like the hand hold the sun.



There is not much to say about this place but seeing thIMG_1585.jpge sunrise on the sea is always a wonderful show. The reverse clock guide us to know when the sun will go up. Even if the show is beautiful, the place is (really really) cold especially during winter. Because it’s near the see it is really windy and you quickly cannot feel your feet and hands. BUT this is a pain that is quickly forgotten by the amazing sunrise.


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