Lighted Tokyo

One of the things that you think about Japan is the modernity of cities, a huge amount of people crossing the streets, light everywhere, being surrounded of game places… And this is not just a cliché!

_DSC4794.jpgOf course, Japan is twofold with its traditional part and its modern part, but the modern part is really different from European countries and what you can see. This is a real cultural shock which is at the same time magical and surprising. Even if you can find these kinds of places in almost every big city of Japan, Tokyo is the queen of lightning.

The two most well-known areas are Shibuya and Shinjuku (there are both really near each others). There,  you are in the middle of crazy colors, lighted signals, game arcades. If you’re not really into games and wasting money what is fun to do is kawaii _DSC4786.jpgphotobooth. Basically, the photo booth is taking a lot of pictures of you in Kawaii style and after you can personalize your pictures by adding effects, draw on it, add stickers… In game arcades, a lot of Japanese people (not only young people) are going there after work or school to relax. However, the environment is not really relaxing for foreigners because of the really loud music, the stressful games…

If you want to escape a little bit from the general ambiance of these streets there are some calm places in buildings such as cafes. If at the same time you want to continue experiencing japanese culture you could go in a cat café. I’ve been to “Calico cat café” and the place was really amazing, lots of beautiful cats, beautiful view on the area of Shibuya…

The modern face of Tokyo is really amazing, you can discover a lot of things there that you could have never imagined and be immersed in the Japanese culture. However, this experience is way more  interesting to do at night than during the day because of the lighting. IMG_1192.jpg

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