Discovering Japanese food

Japanese food is well known to be one of the best in the world. It’s mainly famous for its sushis, makis, tuna, and everything related to fish in general. When I went to Japan I discovered a lot of food which is really different from what I’m used to. Most of the food’s pictures which are below are street food which is really famous in Japan. Indeed, street food is everywhere especially at the entrance of a temple. Hope you’ll want to try japanese street food after this !


In Japan, flavors for sweets food is often green tea. During summer (but also winter) you can try green tea ice cream whereas in winter you can try hot green tea. You can also find different kinds of candies made of green tea flavor.



Once, I stayed in a buddhist temple and I could enjoy there a bouddhist vegetarian meal made of tofu, miso soup, rice, vegetables and fruits. Even if it wasn’t my taste it was a really great experience.



So, one thing which I found really weird but at the same time funny was the Macdonald burger, Japanese version. Rice is the main element in almost all the meals but there you can even find some in burgers!!!!


Octopus is often in street food as well. Most of the time you don’t eat it like on BBQ but in small baked balls. There is a lot of these in Osaka, which is famous for it. On it there is different sauce with the basic one (soja sauce), or with garlic, mayonnaise… Be ready to find some tentacules in the small balls!



In Japan you can’t be surprise by what you’re going to eat. In all restaurants, in the presentation windows, some plastic meals are showing what you can eat in the place. First, it’s really surprising but after you get used to it and even find it funny (and useful).


You can find a lot of Kit Kat flavors which is really suprising… so weird…



Especially in big cities, Japanese are waiting to get a “crêpe” which is a sweet snack for them. Because I’m from France and crepes are really famous (almost sacred) when I saw these plastic crepes filled with so much stuff I was really sad… this is just  Japanese style for crepes!!


Some others street food snacks. The first one is like french fries twisted on a stick. The second one is rice filled with meat or other things… you just have to guess what’s inside.


The last but not the least: SUSHI! Before coming in Japan I didn’t like it but the taste is really different there and all the ingredients are really fresh and cheap. The most exciting thing is to grap your sushis from the rolling bar or even order it on Ipad. Technology and food at the same time.


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