Cherry blossom festival in Gyeongju

As spring is coming, cherry blossoms are blooming! Youhouuuuu. These Japanese flowers were brought in South Korea when Japan invaded Korea and this is a good consequence of the occupation. Cherry blossom is an extraordinary phenomenon which gives lots of colors in the tree. Even if you can find cherry blossom tree everywhere in Korea there are some places where cherry blossoms are more than everywhere.


Because I’m living in the south of South Korea I decided to go in Gyeongju to admire these flowers and enjoy the spring. Gyeongju is full of amazing and peacful places but you have to find them. It’s better not to follow the map and not to stay near the bus station but if you are exploring the mountains you can find streets full of cherry blossoms, some lakes, Chinese garden… A magical place, really romantic which will give you amazing pictures.

Moreover, in Gyeongju, there is a really famous temple called Bulguksa temple, full of flowers during spring. This place is a great excursion in Gyeongju. You’ll see a typical Korean temple, can take a break while trying some tea…


Before getting in the temple you are crossing a park which is really full of cherry blossom trees… I never saw that many flowers in all my life especially this kind of flowers. There is also a lot of Korean street food, snacks and people are just hanging out and taking pictures in this park.

The sad thing about cherry blossom is that it’s just lasting about one week, so if you want to enjoy cherry blossom you might hurry to see the last ones before the trees looses their flowers. Maybe this is also what’s make cherry blossom so magical, because we know it’s just for a short time.



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