Traditional Japanese clothes

Wherever you go in Japan, you’ll see Japanese people dressed in traditional costumes or also called Kimono. Most of the people wearing them, are girls near temples or important monuments. Indeed, such costumes often come in two forms: one for everyday occasions, the other for festival and formal wear. But you’ll also see people wearing them in the streets which is really impressive and beautiful for tourists which are not used to it. I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures that I took during my trip tp Japan !


In temples, you can see monks dressed with fluid and large kimonos, mostly white or with dark colors. As shoes they are wearing flip flop or sandals with socks.



Wearing kimonos is intergenerationel, everyone from the grand mother to the youngest child are wearing it. By the way : kimono on kids is really cute!


Japanese couples are dressed together to match. They are taking a lot of pictures together like this ones and sometimes even for their weddings pictures. As you can see on pictures, women’s kimonos are really colorful whereas men’s kimonos are sober.


Just more beautiful women wearing really colorful kimono.


_DSC4608Here a picture of Japanese women waiting in front of the theater to see a comedy. These kimonos are for important occasions such as this one or going to the opera. As you can see the colors are more neutral but there is accessories like jewels, strass and fur.


One of the charasteristics of the Japanese who are wearing kimonos is that they are always moving in groups (2 or more) and taking a lot of pictures. This is a real contrast to see people in traditional clothes but also who are taking selfie with selfie sticks and smartphones… Japan’s contrast between modernity and traditionality.



Last pictures to enjoy the haircut of women wearing kimonos. These haircuts are always well executed and agreemented of jewels, flowers or others accesories.

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