Lights of Japan

Japan is one of the more lighted country I ever saw. Most of the time, big cities are lighted and it gives a special charm by night. In Japan, you are discovering another city by night. Everything is changing to become more colorful, more alive! Here, this is just some pictures from Japan … Hope you’ll appreciate the night life of this amazing country!


These two pictures are showing exactly what the streets of Tokyo are when it’s lighted. All the restaurants, bars, clubs, shops want to attract people. They fix themselves the goal to put the most lights as they can to make you go in. These streets were taken in Tokyo, in the area of Shinjuku.


This picture shows the famous area of Ponto Cho in Kyoto. In this area, the streets of Sanjo-Dori and Shijo-Dori are lighted of lanterns. The houses made of wood and the lantern are creating a special atmosphere which bring you to an older time in Japan.



In every important city in Japan there is an electronic/game area. These areas are the most lighted ones and are creating the illusion that you’re not at night. These lights will not make you feel tired and this is why many Japanese people stay all the night there to play games or enjoy the area. This picture was taken in Tokyo in the area of Akihabara.


The show of Senso-Ji by night is incredible. This temple is one of the most visited in the city of Tokyo and during the day the place is crowded. However, if you are going there by night you’ll find an empty place, which gave a completely different atmosphere of the temple.


Two more pictures of the lanterns of the restaurants in the area of Ponto-Cho in Kyoto.


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