Busan: Gamchon village

Busan: second biggest city of South Korea is hiding a small treasure. 30 minutes away from the city center by taking a small bus through the mountains you are not in Busan anymore but in a small and colorful village. Basically, this is a place where all the houses are colorful, there is a lot of street art and you just feel good spending time there. When I went there it was raining and even though the show of all the colors was magical. I guess that going there on a sunny is ideal to appreciate the true beauty of the place.


In this village, there is a big road which is really easy to find from the bus station. From this point, you can observe all the colorful houses. In addition, some of the houses (a lot) are painted like real pieces of art. The walls are not forgotten as well, they are full of small decorations or full of painted wood which is giving a joyful atmosphere to the place. Because of this huge amount of things to look you can feel dizzy … but don’t worry that’s a good thing, it means there is a lot of beautiful things to see.



As I mentioned just before there is a lot of street art in these small streets. The only thing you have to do is to find them and admire (or trying to understand). There is also a lot of good photo spots, in front of all the houses, with your lover and way more…



In the Gamchon village even if the big road is the most interesting one following small streets can be a great idea. You’ll go away from the crowd and discover some cute places that you didn’t expect to see.



In the main street, there is a lot of shops and restaurants. You can stop there to eat typical Korean food or buy souvenirs if you have the time. If you just want to walk around you can grab some Korean street snack (which is really various). This time, I tried the Korean pancake filled with cheese which was really good. However, I also tried the fried ice cream which was really strange and not that good… Korean pancakes are all over Korea but you can find different tastes from one part to another of Korea. Generally, the Korean pancakes are filled with red bean paste but in Busan you’ll find ice cream, cheese, sesame, meat or other things inside.


Gamcheon village:  a fresh air outside Busan to enjoy the beauty of colorful houses and discover another Korea.


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