Magic lantern festival in Daegu

In every big city of Korea, Buddha’s birthday is celebrated during few days through religious ceremonies, parades, shows and many other things. Because Seoul is the capital, the most impressive celebrations are located there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend there so I went to the city of Daegu to see the lantern festival. So, I spent […]

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The DMZ : at the North Korean border

North Korea, the most closed country in the world, synonym of torture and dictatorship raises some interest from foreigners. This enigmatic country doesn’t give any information to the outside world and maintain an inexplicable mystery. Obviously, foreigners can’t go to North Korea as tourists or if they go the trip will be regulated and you’ll […]

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  Near Kyoto, Osaka is also a big city where you can spend some days there. However, I just spent one day and tried to do the maximum during this beautiful day. So, the first thing that I did was the Osaka castle. It’s one of the most famous in Japan and it played a […]

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Out of Tokyo : Kamakura and Nikko

Near Tokyo, some cities worth to spend the day there. I have been to Kamakura and Nikko which are two different ambiances. I personally preferred Kamakura because of its beach mood but Nikko is a real cultural place speaking of temples.   So, as I said the first place I have been to was Kamakura which […]

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Spending one night in a temple

Japan cannot be only resumed as Tokyo, Kyoto and other big cities. This island is also a country full of rich countrysides and rurality. You can feel a real different adventure if you go further in Japan’s land and there discover an amazing culture. In the little village of Koyasan there is a lot of […]

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