The remote wilderness of Pohang

Pohang is not a very big city in Korea but is really spread. It means that outside of the city center there are some places, for most of them, not well known, but which worth a short visit.

Some of my friends and I decided to go out of the city center to discover deeply Pohang by visiting the Bogyeoungsa temple and its waterfalls. To do so, we caught the bus n°510 which we also called the ghost bus because the bus stop is not written anywhere and nobody knew about it. Anyway ! After catching the ghost bus and had a 2 hours ride we finally arrived at the Bogyeoungsa temple. The place in itself doesn’t seem that it’s in Pohang and because it’s far away from the city it seems that you discovered a totally different place.


Between the bus stop and the temple, we crossed a street full of restaurants and small shops. For some of the restaurants, old ladies are making some dough in front of people. This dough is then used in the meals served by restaurants to make some noodles or ravioli.

The temple itself is interesting and I was surprised by its beauty. I wasn’t expected that much in an area like this one. The gates of the temple are surrounded by trees which is really enjoyable. The temple is full of color and is typically Korean. Moreover, because of the location, the temple is not crowded and you can really enjoy it.


The temple is divided into different areas. First, there is the main one where people go and pray. Around it, colorful lanterns are hanging in the sky. Behind the main temple, there are some small houses with different Buddhas inside .

The particularity of the place is that the Buddhas all have a mustache… I still don’t know why but it’s kind of funny. Moreover, behind these small houses, we found lots of miniature buddhas, really cute.



After spending some time in the temple we decided to go to the waterfalls which are in the same area. The way to go there is at first really easy because the road is tarred. Then you’ll begin to walk on small rocks, cross bridges and climbed the mountain little by little.


While you are walking, on your left side there is the river which is really pretty and everyone is doing some breaks near it. Some people even brought some food and picnicked there. After 1,5 hour of walking, we finally arrived at one of the waterfalls . Yes, I say one of the waterfalls because there is 12 of them on this road. The most impressive one is of course the last one. However, I haven’t been there because my friends and I were not prepared for a 5 hours hike. We decided to stop at the one that you can see on the bottom picture (waterfall n°3) which was still really beautiful .


At the end of the day, the trip was really worth it, discovering another face of Pohang was really interesting and full of fresh air.

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