Korean traditional clothes: Hanbok

People dressed in traditional clothes can be seen all around the country but more especially in Seoul. Koreans love to wear them for special occasions or just to enjoy . The Korean traditional cloth called Hanbok is different depending on the gender. Women’s hanbok is stylish, colorful and elegant with its short jacket and long skirt. Men’s hanbok is also stylish with its vest and outer coat on the basis of trouser and jacket. Hanbok can be from the more simple one to the most sophisticated that is usually wore during traditional weddings.


This young Korean is wearing a hanbok and what’s funny for almost all of young people wearing these clothes are the shoes. They are the contrary of the clothing, showing Korea’s developing in traditionality.



People wearing hanbok are most of the time in groups or couple. Korean couples even in everyday life are matching everything. They can wear the same clothes, have the same shoes, same accessories… So, when they wear Hanbok most of the time their clothing are matching.



Hanbok are worn by girls from different ages. Most of the time people wearing Hanbok are young (between 16 and 25).



This Hanbok is not a simple one. As I mentioned before some hanbok were worn by simple people, others by the bourgeoisie and others by the queen. This one was most probably for highest people in the society.




When Koreans are wearing Hanbok they are always taking a lot of pictures. Even without that they do take a lot, for a special moment like that they will find the best postures for hundred of pictures.


To wear a Hanbok, if Koreans don’t have it they don’t buy it. There are a lot of places that you can rent Hanbok for the day or for few hours. So you could try, walk around a bit with it and get back to casual clothes after that.



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