On a rainy day in Seoul : visiting museums

It’s happening to everyone… You perfectly planned your trip abroad but the weather is so bad that you can’t do what you organized. But you still want to do something, for example, going to a museum! But which one? Here are 3 options of museums that I visited in Seoul.

So the first one I want to talk about is one of the most famous one in the country : The war memorial museum. I went there because I wanted to learn more about the Korean war and the situation between North and South Korea.


The part I preferred was the outside of the museum : you’ll find some signs of reunification and also the planes, boats and tanks used during the war. You can even go in one of the big boats and be immersed in the war.

After seeing the outside of the museum I was a little disappointed by the inside. The main part of the museum is not about Korean war but more about the history of Korea. It’s true that to understand the Korean war you should first understand the history of Korea but the museum wasn’t really interactive. The part about the Korean war is not an explanation of the war but a memorial for the countries which helped during the war.

After living in Korea and learned more about the Korean war I would say that I would like to visit the museum. So in order to enjoy it, I’ll recommend having some knowledge first about the war.


The second museum I’ve been to was the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. The thing to know about Samsung is that it’s EVERWHERE in Korea. Everyone has a Samsung, some buildings of apartments are paid by Samsung…It’s part of the culture in Korea.  By going to this museum I was expecting some modern art, seeing a lot of technology…



And it was true! Just after you walked into the place you can take a free audioguide which is a beautiful smartphone and modern earphone. You don’t have to touch the phone it will detect which object you have in front of you and explain it.

The thing about this big museum is that almost half of the museum wasn’t really interesting. Basically, it was some objects found in Korea but it was for most of them vases…

However, the other part of the museum about contemporary art is really good. I really liked it and even if I don’t understand the meaning of every piece of art I found a certain beauty in it.



The last museum I have been to was the Trick-eye museum and Ice museum (they are both in the same place). Once you found the museum which is in the basement of a building, you can have fun. Indeed this museum can’t be boring because you are interacting to make the art alive.

There is a lot of rooms and different sceneries to have fun with your friend. If you are bored this is the perfect place to take funny pictures.

To make the fun even longer you can go in the ice museum. This huge freezer will make you very cold but you’ll love it. It was the first time I saw so many big things made with ice. You can see there Santa, an igloo, a living room and even some toilet.

The most incredible thing was a big ice toboggan where you can slide on the ice.


After 10 minutes there you’ll quickly get out because of the cold! But it’s really worth it if you’re going to the trick eye museum.


So here are few options to do if you want to visit a museum in Seoul or you plan changed!


More info about the museums:

War memorial : Price : Free, Area of Itaewon, Open every day from 9 am to 6pm except Monday.

Samsung museum: Price: 10 000 won per adults, Area of Itaewon, Open every day from 10:30 to 6pm expect Monday.

Trick-eye museum: Price :15 000 won per adult with the ice museum, Area of Hongdae, Open from 9 am to 9pm every day.

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