Korean food

Each country has its own specialities for food. You may think that Korean food is similar to Chinese and Japanese ones. Indeed, they have some common ingredients such as noodles, rice, lots of side dishes. Except of that Korean food is really particular. First of all, it’s really spicy. Secondly, you don’t eat one main […]

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Seoul from above

What’s better that watching a city from above? Through this perspective, we are able to admire the perspectives, the architecture, the colors and the main soul of the city. This is why I went to see Seoul from day and night on the top of two hills. The first one was during the day on Bukhansan […]

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A modern Seoul

As you may guess Seoul besides being the capital of Korea is also a modern city. Everyone know the electronic brands like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia etc … These big companies actually propelled the economy of the country during the 90’s. Nowadays, if you go in Korea you will see a lot of high buildings, […]

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