Seoul from above

What’s better that watching a city from above? Through this perspective, we are able to admire the perspectives, the architecture, the colors and the main soul of the city.

This is why I went to see Seoul from day and night on the top of two hills.

The first one was during the day on Bukhansan mountain also called Bukhansan national park. To be honest, I struggled a lot to find the entrance of the trail which allows seeing Seoul. The thing is that I came by the other way but I managed to find the entrance and get to the top. The trail is easy if you take your time. You don’t need any equipment except for good shoes. After 30 minutes to 45 minutes, you’ll be at the top admiring the beauty of the city of Seoul. The trail in itself is great, you’ll follow the old rampart of the city of Seoul.


On the trail, you’ll find some guards that do not allow you to take certain pictures. When I asked why one of them replied that it’s to protect the city from North Korean spies. Indeed, from the top, you can see the Blue house which is the house of the head of state of South Korea.



If you want to see Seoul from higher the best solution is to go at the Namsan tower. To do so, you can even go by walking or by taking the cable car. Because it was the afternoon and I wanted to see it at night I choose to go by walking. On the trail, I first stopped at a traditional Korean village and then I went near the tower.


When you arrive at the bottom of the N Seoul tower, you can see the beautiful city while watching couples put a locker on the fences or trees (Basically where they can find some space).


Even if you already see a lot of the city from the bottom of the tower,  the panorama at the top is even more beautiful. To go at the top you must pay 10,000 won (about 9 dollars). At night, the view is stunning. On the contrary of some cities where the tower is too high and  buildings not enough, in the city of Seoul, the contrast with lights is important. This is what makes the view pretty.




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