Korean food

Each country has its own specialities for food. You may think that Korean food is similar to Chinese and Japanese ones. Indeed, they have some common ingredients such as noodles, rice, lots of side dishes. Except of that Korean food is really particular. First of all, it’s really spicy. Secondly, you don’t eat one main dish but a lot of small dishes. Thirdly, they rarely eat dessert. Lastly, they eat Kimchee EVERYWHERE (they are obsessed with this fermented spicy cabbage).

So here few examples of what you can eat when you go to Korea:

  1. MANDU


This food is call Mandu which is some kind of Korean Dumplings. It’s most of the time stuffed with meat and vegetables. You rarely eat this as a meal but more like a snack when you buy them on markets.




This is another example of Mandu which can be found in restaurants. These ones were filled with pork.











This dish is a mix between Korean and Chinese cuisine. I ordered this in a Chinese restaurant but my Chinese friend told me it was more Korean than Chinese. It’s basically black noodles called Jajangmyeon with rice and cooked vegetables.


Here another version of Jajangmyeon in a Korean restaurant. It doesn’t look appetizing but trust me it’s not bad.



This meal is a honey bread. It looks like a big french toast but way much better. If you can try this DO IT! It’s delicious.




Koreans do eat a lot of soups. Almost in every meal, they have a side dish which is a soup. For this picture, the main dish was a soup with fish and shrimp and the other soup with black pork.



Here is the famous Korean barbecue or Gogigui which is one of the most well known Korean dishes. You basically cook meat (pork, beef, duck or chicken) on a small barbecue on the middle of the table. With that, you have a lot of side dishes. To eat correctly a Korean barbecue you have to take a slice of salad, put meat and everything from the side dishes that you like and eat everything at the same time.

If you have the chance you should try it’s really tasty and there is a lot of restaurant of Korean barbecue even abroad.



Here is some weird thing about food in Korea. The first one is pizza. Pizzas in Korea are most of the time not good, full of oil and really sweet. The one in the picture is sweet potato pizza and it’s really sweet. Not really good for a fan of traditional pizza.

The second thing is a Korean fruit which looks and tastes like yellow melon but has the same size than a tennis ball.

Lastly, Koreans drink a lot of milk. This is maybe because their dishes are really spicy. They have a lot of flavored milk such as strawberry, banana, watermelon, melon …(They even have a banana milk coffee shop).




Bubble tea is famous all over the world but it originally comes from Korea. It can be an Ice tea, yogurt, smoothie with tapioca balls at the bottom. It’s really good and you can drink this in a lot of countries.



Koreans also eat a lot of ice cream (because of the cheap price) during winter and summer. They have a lot of different flavor and shapes which is good to try.




Ordering food in Korea is really famous. (and useful). Because Koreans eat dinner really early (around 5:30) at night they get hungry and order either chicken or Jjimdak. When they order chicken they have to choose the sauce between so many, the most famous ones are spicy, honey, barbecue. Then they eat the fried chicken with the sauce on it.



Binsu is the most famous dessert in Korea. This is basically crushed ice with a topping such as fruits or biscuit and condensed milk. You can find a lot of different flavors such as mango, strawberry, chocolate, melon, oreo, berries… This dish is really big and like a lot of dishes in Korea you share it.




This dish is call Bulgogi which is marinated beef. You eat it the same way as the barbecue so in a slice of salad with side dishes. Really good!




Cooked meat with vegetables and cheese. One of my favorite meal. You basically eat the meat after that it’s cook. If you go in restaurants like this they’ll give you a burp cloth because when it’s cooking you can have spicy things jumping out of the plate. (and it’s really hard to take off).



This is my favorite meal called Jjimdak. On the picture, the first one is red Jjimdak which is chicken with cheese and vegetables. This is really good I love it. The second one is soy sauce Jjimdak which is also really really good.



You can’t survive in Korea without eating Ramen (noodles). It’s really cheap, easy, quick to do so this is why they do it a lot of Ramen.

Speaking of noodles they also eat udon which is bigger than ramen and doesn’t have the same taste.





IMG_3032This dish looks like the number 12 but it’s a special duck meal called Dak Galbi.You’ll have inside meat, spicy sauce, rice and vegetables.




Koreans also eat a lot of fried pork cutlet with some sauce and cheese on it. First, it taste weird but after you get used to it.




Lastly, you’ll see at the left one of the picture one of the favorite dish of Koreans : Tteokbokki which is rice cake in a spicy sauce. It doesn’t look good but it is.

At the right, you’ll see Gimbap which are rolls of vegetables, meat and rice.



Here are few examples of the food in Korea. Even if I stayed a long time there I couldn’t try everything they eat. If you go there, try to discover more flavors …

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