Korean Love

So here it is! My last post about South Korea… I experienced a lot of amazing things there, learned a new culture, learned a new way of seeing things and I’m so grateful to all the people that were with me. They helped me so much to understand the culture,to make me try typical things […]

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Goodbye Pohang

Pohang is not the most attractive destination in South Korea, and yet I lived there for almost 6 months. I experienced most of my Korean adventures there, got lost, met people and this is why Pohang has a special  place in my heart. I would not recommend to someone that is traveling in Korea to go […]

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One day trip at Udo Island

After being for some days on Jeju island, my friends and I decided to visit Udo island (also really famous). To go to this island you should take the ferry from Jeju of about 10 minutes. Udo Island is a really small island that is really easy to visit in one day. To do the […]

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Specialities of Jeju island

As I already mentioned  in my previous post :  Discovering the wonders of Jeju, this island is full of beautiful surprises. Even if it’s in Korea Jeju has some specialities that you can only find there (or almost). For example, the people living there speak Korean but they do have some different words and accent […]

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