Specialities of Jeju island

As I already mentioned  in my previous post :  Discovering the wonders of Jeju, this island is full of beautiful surprises. Even if it’s in Korea Jeju has some specialities that you can only find there (or almost). For example, the people living there speak Korean but they do have some different words and accent (such as Quebec and France).



Another distinguish example in Jeju are the Dol Hareubang which are rock status (from volcanic rock most of the time). They are considered to be gods offering both protection and fertility. They are also placed outside gates in order to protect people against demons. Nowadays  Dol Hareubang are a symbol of the island. You can actually find some EVERYWHERE! There is also a lot of small rocks for souvenirs. The meaning today stayed as a symbol of fertility.


Another particularity of Jeju island is its food. First of all, they are some small oranges called Tangerines that are growing all over the place… You can buy some in supermarkets or other souvenir shops but the best place to buy some are in the street. You can buy some to street sellers and it will be cheaper and so much better.


Tangerines taste like orange and clementine at the same time. I also really loved to drink Tangerines juice with the hot weather it’s perfect!

The other special food of Jeju is the black pork. The meal is really similar as the traditional Korean barbecue. You’re cooking the meat in the middle of the table but the meat is black pork. Black pork is really traditional from Jeju and if you have the chance to try it you should.

The meat has a particular taste from other pigs, it has a smoked taste. The only thing to know is that black pig is an expensive meal (for Korea). If you want to try this speciality you should first look at the different prices depending on restaurants.


So here some specialities of the beautiful Island of Jeju but of course there are a lot more to discover!




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