One day trip at Udo Island

After being for some days on Jeju island, my friends and I decided to visit Udo island (also really famous). To go to this island you should take the ferry from Jeju of about 10 minutes.


Udo Island is a really small island that is really easy to visit in one day. To do the tour of it you could either take the bus, the bicycle or scooter. I rent a bicycle for the day ( 10 000 won, 9 dollars) and it was the best idea. With it, we could travel all around the island for the day by stopping at the spot we wanted to see.

The first stop we did was at the Hongjodangoe beach. Unfortenulatly, the weather was bad and the beach crowded but the water was extremely beautiful. It was amazing to see!


From there we decided to do some speed boat to discover more about the island. The boat was really funny and we could appreciate the beauty of the island from the sea. (I have to admit I was pretty scared also).


After this stop, we decided to try one of the famous food of the island : the peanut ice cream. You can find some peanut ice cream all over the island and it’s really tasty!

Then, we took the road again to ride a bit more. After some kilometres, we decided to stop at a horse riding place for some of my friends. Udo Island is really famous for its horse rides but it’s more about doing a small tour near the stable than a real ride. In my opinion, it’s not worth it because of the path which is not that pretty. However, my friend that don’t have the chance to do some horse riding really enjoyed it.



During the rest of our ride, we didn’t stop at some specific points but we preferred to ride until the end. Even if there were not vista point to see, the landscape was really beautiful. It’s the real countryside of Korea. You go into the wheat field, near the sea, in the meadow… A lot of different sceneries in one and only place!


To end this day we took back the ferry to Jeju (which leaves early, be careful to not being stuck on Udo island).We spent an amazing day on Udo which is full of many surprises.


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