Goodbye Pohang

Pohang is not the most attractive destination in South Korea, and yet I lived there for almost 6 months. I experienced most of my Korean adventures there, got lost, met people and this is why Pohang has a special  place in my heart. I would not recommend to someone that is traveling in Korea to go there because the city is just as another city in Korea. However, if you stop by this city you’ll maybe like it because of its different aspects.

The first one is the city center of the city. It looks like another medium city in Korea: nothing extraordinary but you’ll find a special street called “Yugkeori” meaning the 6 streets. Here you’ll find a lot of clothes shops in the main artery. If you are going in the side streets you’ll find a lot of cute shops, restaurant, juice places etc. I spent so many afternoons there, hanging out with my friends, buying souvenirs and useless stuff. It’s a really charming area!

img_1757Near the area of Yugkeori, if you walk along the main street for few blocks you’ll go into Jukdo market. This market is a huge one where you can find a lot of different stuff for cheap. If you want to visit a Korean market this is a really good one.The most impressive part is the fish part. You’ll find huge backs of different fishes, crabs…





The next charming place in Pohang is in the area of “Yeongildae beach”which is near the beach (like the name say). There you have a lot of different restaurants, bars, the beach and Yeongildae monument. At night it’s even more beautiful because of the lighting. It seems that it’s on the sea! I spent a lot of nights on the beach walking around, and it’s better to see the sea at night. Indeed, Koreans don’t swim so I wasn’t really comfortable to be the only one swimming. Moreover, the beach is not the prettiest one in Pohang because you see in front of you a lot of industries. At night the industries are color’s lighted so the view with all these lights is cool. At night, you also can play with small fireworks on the beach !


So, to spend some time on the beach the best place to go in Pohang is “Chilpo beach”. The water is really beautiful, the beach almost empty and the mountains are near it. From the beach, there is a trail in the mountain which is beautiful. You can see the beach from the top. On the contrary of Yeongildae beach, on this one you can go swim because the water is so much cleaner and even some Koreans go swim there.



There are also a lot more of other places that are really pretty to see in Pohang. I  already talked about them in previous posts that you can find there:

Homigot sunrise and its famous hand :  Click here for Homigot sunrise 


Also far from the city center but still in Pohang the Bogyeoungsa temple and its waterfall, a really great escape of one day that you can find in this post: Click here for Bogyeoungsa temple and its waterfall





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