STOP 1: San Francisco

Here I am! Back with some of my new adventures. I’ve been doing a road trip around the West Coast of the US with my family. I saw so many beautiful landscapes, had so much fun so I decided to share it through my blog (again).

After a (very) long trip, we arrived in the Japan Town of San Francisco, where we stayed. San Francisco offered to us in three days a really great overview of what we expected. Downtown (called Union Square) was made of big buildings, the American flag waving in the sky, the stairs on the walls of buildings, the lighting, the fireman’s cars, the tramway crossing the street, the up and down streets… Basically, an animated city.

What I DIDN’T LIKE in San Francisco? I’m going to start by what I’ve been frustrated when I was in San Francisco. The first thing is the famous tramway. To take it you have to make hours of queue, which is not worth it. The second point when I was frustrated (but it was our fault) is that we missed the view of the Coit tower. It was actually closed so we couldn’t see SF from above (end at 5:30 pm). Finally, in SF you have drugged people and homeless people. It’s not something that is bad, it’s life but I just wanted to tell that the number is way more important than in France for example, so it’s kind of shocking.

What I LOVED in San Francisco? The main atmosphere given by SF is mainly due to its culture. You can see that it’s a city with history, full of art, music… At almost every corner streets you can see street art, but not like in the subway in Paris. It’s a real art ! It’s mostly represented in the area of Haight-Ashbury, which is the hippie corner. Besides, the street art there is guitar shops, book shop, bio shop, hippie shop, old costumes shop, every kind of shop.

Near this beautiful place, the other thing to see are the painted ladies which are _dsc8018beautiful,big and colorful houses. The typical architecture, called Victorian style, is a characteristic of San Francisco. To end this day, we decided to rent a bicycle in the Golden Gate park, enjoying the nature to go to the beach (which was extremely cold).

The next day, we explored more San Francisco by seeing the Lombard street which is the most crooked street in the world. It was cool to see it once in our life, but not as spectacular as we imagined. (Plus there is a lot of tourists). We continued our trip in SF with Chinatown that I particularly liked (not like my parents). I found the Chinese lanterns above the streets really pretty and the Chinese street art gave an amazing atmosphere to the place. We were not courageous enough to try one of the many restaurants there but we did buy some useless stuff.



Then we did THE thing to do in San Francisco: go on the Golden bridge. I was so excited to see it for real during a bus tour. Because SF is most of the time in the fog we were lucky enough to see the_dsc8220 entire  bridge! If you go on the bridge you should know that it’s extremely windy and cold. We enjoyed the rest of our day on the Pier 39, the most famous of SF, eating strawberry dipped in chocolate and tacos, watching the sea lions and enjoying the place.

For our last day in the foggy city of San Francisco, we decided to do something more cultural so we went on Alcatraz island where one of the most famous prisons was. I wasn’t expected a lot from this visit (that you have to book a long time before) but I was really surprised. Being in a prison for real is a particular feeling that it’s weird but an incredible experience. The thing that did make the visit really good was the free audio guide. The story of Alcatraz was explained by ex-prisoners and ex-prison guards. They told us the story of Alcatraz through their experience. A more personal approach which gave a unique and timeless moment.


After the visit of the prison, we took the car and drove to go to our next destination: STOP 2: Yosemite

Don’t hesitate to follow me to know what’s going to be the next step of our road trip!

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