STOP 3: Lakes discovered along the road trip

So here I am again, talking about my little adventures around my road trip in the US. So, yes I have to agree I have been gone for a while now. Indeed, I couldn’t write anything about my travels or even the things that I discovered in my own country because of my studies. I had to focus on my work to thus come back even stronger on this blog. This is why now I want to come back to my “serie” that I started few months ago to talk about this famous road trip on the West coast of the US that my family and I did.

Enough talking about my life! Let’s move on. So, after my Stop 2 at Yosemite  we took the road to another destination (that you’ll find out soon). After seeing the greenery of the park of Yosemite, lakes began to appear at the borders of the road. This is why we stopped to admire the first one called Mono Lake. The particularity of this lake is that it’s super salty and this is why within the years, the size of the lake is decreasing a lot (and also because of the pumping from the city of Los Angeles). Because of its high rate of salt, the ecosystem around this lake is really dense. There are a lot of species of fishes and also a lot of different birds. Even if the water looks amazing you don’t really want to go swim in it because of the alkali flies (which are little flies) and algae. The particularity of this lake is its calcareous concretions made up all around the lake. You can also take a walk around this weird lake. I would say that this lake is not a must to see, but if you’re traveling nearby it’s a great spot to stop by.


The second lake we saw was the Mammoth lake. Mammoth lake is more like an area where you can ski in the winter and in the summer chill around the multiples lakes. This is the kind of place you go on summer to camp, fish and spend relaxing holidays. We just spent one night at this place, so we only saw few lakes and didn’t explore that much. Even if the experience was short, it was worthy and this is the kind of place you want to go to recharge.


After these few stops of lakes we ended up to our next destination: STEP 4: DEATH VALLEY



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