About me

I’m a french 21 years old girl who studied European political sciences in Lille and now studying media communication in Nantes and guess what? I love travels and this is why I wanted to share my good (and bad) experiences trough short articles and pictures. Thus, I’m going (to try) to give some advice, tips and everything that I could experience in my past trips.

(For most of my pictures I’m using the Nikon D3200, 18-105mm or Iphone 6)

Currently in Paris.

Contact : tina.meunier@hotmail.fr


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Tina! I’m an 18-year-old from the USA, and we have the same camera model, ha ha. Anyway, thought it was nice to see another travel blogger out there who’s close in age! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you post. 🙂

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  2. Hello ma`am i am a big and huge fan of you.
    i have been watching your blog since i was born.
    your postings are like meal, without them, i cannot survive.
    Oh how wonderful you are. i wanna meet you. could you say something to me so that we can be friends.
    Anyhow i am Jack Kingslk living in Alaska.
    i am 21 years old. See ya

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