About me

I’m a french 20 years old girl who studied European political sciences and now going to study media communication and guess what? I’m loving travel and this is why I wanted to share my good (and bad) experiences trough short articles and pictures. Thus, I’m going (to try) to give some advice, tips and everything that I could experience in my past trips.

I want to share one value of mine on this blog: Don’t be afraid to travel, it’s pretty nice!

So, make your suitcase, take these advice and go abroad!!

(For most of my pictures I’m using the Nikon D3200, 18-105mm)

Currently in France.

Contact : tina.meunier@hotmail.fr



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello ma`am i am a big and huge fan of you.
    i have been watching your blog since i was born.
    your postings are like meal, without them, i cannot survive.
    Oh how wonderful you are. i wanna meet you. could you say something to me so that we can be friends.
    Anyhow i am Jack Kingslk living in Alaska.
    i am 21 years old. See ya

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