The magical land: Bruges

IMG_0311.jpgWe (my family and I) continued our trip around Belgium to go to the little city of Bruges. I already went there once when I was younger and I loved it. I had the same feeling this time, my heart is always melting in this city!

Usually, the city is quiet even if it’s touristic. This time, the city was totally crowded and most of people were using bicycle instead of cars. There is not much to do in Bruges excepting chilling in the streets. The main place is really beautiful and full of typical houses (as you can see on the main picture). These houses are colorful, vertical, long, and ends like stairs.

IMG_0351.jpgWhen you are walking around the city you encounter so much food and Christmasy shops. Chocolate fountains or even chocolate Christmas tree are breathtaking and make you dream. Other shops are full of adorable Christmas decorations and you can feel like you’re in Santa’s house.



IMG_0347.jpgBetween these houses and shops, channels are making the city more magical and out of the time. To do a quick tour of the city a lot of horse drawn carriage are proposing it. It was about 25 minutes but we already saw the tour the day before by walking. Fun but not extraordinary!




Spending one day in Bruges is like going to an out time space and go perfectly with the Christmas spirit.

2 days in Brussels

What a better place to spend time for a weekend than Belgium? (if you live near it obviously).

Belgium is one of the countries that you can go, spend some days walking into cities, relax , eat and drink a lot. Our first sIMG_0249.jpgtop was Brussels, Capital of Belgium and European capital as well. Indeed, the European institutions are mainly based in Brussels and most of decisions are taken there. If you are interested into the European institutions or organizations you can visit the European parliament with the “parliamentarium”. Commission, Parliament and other organizations are packed into one single area which by night is becoming a skate parc.



Before going into the little streets full of chocolate, waffle and beer you can admire the beauty of stain glass in the church Notre Dame near a place called the “petit sablon”. This is a typical European church with beautiful architectures and colors.


Then you can walk into Brussels, see the most important place with some lights game on the night. Golden building and their architecture are making this place wonderful. You may encounter the little “maken peace” which in the legend saved the city by peeing. This little statue is not at all impressive because it’s about 30 centimeters but really touristic.

IMG_0284.jpgDuring winter, a Christmas market is selling typical products such as waffles, cheese, beer, hot wine… A big wheel, some games and an ice rink can keep busy your day. If you cannot stay outside because of the weather, the museum of Brussels is currently exposing Magritte. His art is well explained with the instructions of the audio guide and try to open your mind with his famous sentence  “This is not a pipe but the picture of a pipe”.


IMG_0266.jpgAfter christmas holidays going to Brussels for a diet is maybe not the best idea of the year. Walking into the street, always see waffles with amazing and incredible topping on them is tempting. Mouthwatering chocolates are in every shops trhough different shapes . If it’s not about sugary food french fries are delicious and well know into Brussels with mayonnaise.

To resume : Brussels is mostly the capital of waffle, chocolat, art and beauty!