Peninsula tour

From Cape Town to the point of Good Hope in one day: one of the best trip to do in the area of Cape Town!

During one day for about 28 euros or 463 rands, you can discover the amazing landscapes of this area.

We left the morning in a van which was really funny and gave an atmosphere of “road trip”. We basically went from places to other places through this van. The road was quite long but is really beautiful so even looking at the road is stunning.

First we went to Houtbay: this is lthumb__DSC3477_1024.jpgike a small bay into the mountains. It was quite surprising because I never saw something like that before. If you walk in the harbour you can see sea lions waiting for food! Afterwards, we took a boat to admire sea lions and birds on the sea. The fact of seeing sea lions is not really extraordinary but the trip in the boat is worthy. It’s relaxing and you can admire the beauty of south African landscape.

The next stop was Boulder Beach. This beach is really famous for its penguins. You can go there by train from the city centre to the “Simthumb__DSC3530_1024.jpgon’s town” stop.

There you can admire the beach with different shades of blue.. quite paradisiac. I took the free walk to see penguins which was really good.You are walking on a small path and penguins are around you (sleeping for most of them… It was nap time). There is also a paid path: you can go on the beach, take pictures with penguins… I didn’t think it was worthy.

Athumb__DSC3567_1024.jpgfter a long time of driving, we finally arrived at the natural reserve of Cape Point. To way to go to the top can be made even by cable car or by walking (about 15minutes). At the top, you can see all the area of Cape point which is stunning and wonderful.


thumb__DSC3643_1024.jpgFrom this point, you can join by a medium walk the Cape of good Hope: one of the symbols of the Cape Town area. The walk was really pleasant and you can encounter monkeys or ostriches! At the end, we did admire an amazing sunset in front of the signal “Cape of Good Hope” and went back to the city because the closure of the natural reserve during winter is around 5 pm.

The peninsula tour is a packed day of emotions with really beautiful landscapes. You can admire the nature all over the day …



Cape Town NU world festival

South Africa and especially Cape Town has a lot of activities during the evening. You cannot go in Cape Town and not going out!

From the 17th to the 18th of July 2015, the NU world f20150718_211527.jpgestival took place in the city hall of Cape Town. It was during Mandela week. Basically, during this week, a lot of events are happening  in order to support Mandela’s work and help the country by small actions. People can register themselves on the Internet to help some schools to be built, give some food to people… A lot of artistic events are also promoted like this one.

This festival was worldwide and lots of artists came from all other the world: South Africa, Austria, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Turkey… It gave to the festival a special atmosphere and it’s surprisingly pleasant to hear. The mix of all different kinds of music is representing the diversity of South African population which is really interesting.

20150718_204435.jpgMoreover, the city hall of Cape Town is an amazing place. The main stage looks like you’re in a theater. You can be seated on the seat and watch the show from the top or dancing in front of the stage. You can choose your atmosphere and enjoy the show. Upstairs there are also some rooms where artists are playing music. You can go from African vibes to European DJ by changing rooms.

The chill out place is also really beautiful: a lot of lights gave a really relax atmosphere. A fake tree with umbrellas is giving some charm to the place.

Outside you can also enjoy some 20150718_202752.jpgspecial food trucks, going from Indian food to burgers via south African.


For more informations you can check the website:


A walk to Lion’s head

On a Saturday afternoon, what can you do in Cape Town? If you want to walk on one of the mountain of the mother city, Lion’s head is a good choice.

Lion’s head allow us to have a beautiful view of Cape town and at the same time do some exercise. There is 2 ways to go at the top: an easy and hard one. I took the easy one: I’m not a great sportive….

The way up is about 2,5 hours and same for the way back. This is a good alternative from the table mountain and its 4 hours for one way… When I was in Cape Town everyone told me that a lot of people are going up and down really easily. They said you can wear jean and converse…_DSC4275.jpg

After we did it my friends and I can tell that on the contrary it’s better to have good shoes and appropriate clothes. The beginning of the road is really easy but from the middle to the end you have to climb ladder, rocks, avoid to fall in the water etc. However, the way is accessible for everybody with a good health capacity and a lot of people are doing this walk as well.

At some moments you are very close from ravines and it’s quite dangerous. Make sure you are with some friends or stick with a group of tourist in the case of something happen.
When you are arriving at the top _DSC4292.jpgthe view is stunning. On one side you can see all the center of Cape Town, Table mountain, Robben Island. On the other side you should be able to see Camp’s bay, Simon’s town and a part of the peninsula. We didn’t have much time to stay at the top but some people had their champagne and picnic to enjoy the rest of their evening.

We wanted to go there for the sunset and then go back with the light of the moon because we thought the way was easy.. At the end we decided to go back from the top before the end of the sunset. It was a really good idea: the part around the top is quite dangerous and it’s easy to slip on the wet rocks (I fall twice and my friends as well…).


If you want to see the sunset at the top and go back in the night it’s really possible but you need flashlights and some medicines in case if you fall.



With all these precautions you should have one of the best view of Cape Town and amazing memories.

South African markets

In Cape Town you can be lost in all the different markets that you can find. Markets that I am talking about are about souvenirs or art. I really liked two markets in Cape Town : Green market square and Pan African Market.

I went three times in grethumb__DSC3418_1024.jpgen market square. There you can find whatever you are looking for to bring at home. A lot of souvenirs are really beautiful and typical. Even if you don’t want to buy anything just walking around that place is beautiful. You can find a lot of colorful jewelry, kitchen accessories and even some decorated ostrich eggs… Before buying something I recommend walking around the market first because a lot of shops are looking the same. You may find in some of them the precious pearl.

Green market square has one disadvantage for me: there is no fixed prices. Don’t be shy and try to negotiate as best as you can! This market is well indicated and about 10min by walking from the train station.



thumb_20150804_151940_1024.jpgThe second market: The Pan African market is in a building and is not selling only south African stuff. You can find a lot of art from all over Africa. A lot of sellers are not speaking well English because they’re coming from Congo, Burkina Faso, Senegal… If you’re speaking french this is a great advantage.

In the Pan African market, all the prices are fixed. In my opinion, this market is more about appreciating and looking the art that buying a lot of souvenirs. This market is near Long street about 8min by walking from the train station.

These two markets are inevitable stops if you want to discover in a little amount of time the art and buy some little things from Africa.



Fauna in South Africa

As you may guess fauna in South Africa is very diversified. If you want to make sure that you will encounter all of them a safari seems to be the better option.


In South Africa the “garden route” is well known by tourists.. Most of the time you take 3/4 days within an organism. During these days you have the possibility to walk with Lions (cf article “Walk with Lions”), do a safari, feed elephants, bungee jump…(The price is about 2800 rands / 190 euros without bungee jump). I slept in a super nice motel just next to the beach which was included in the price of the garden route (Afrovibe Adventure Lodge).

During the safari I had the possibility to see _DSC3933.jpggiraffes, elephants, lions, gazels, rhinoceros, hippotamus and more. This safari was kind of magic because you are in a 4×4 in the middle of the mountains. The vegetation is really beautiful and the fresh air boost your mind. However if you are going in South Africa during winter take warm clothes: with the speed of the car you may become an ice cube!

The next day some people went bungee jumping. All over the road you can see big monkeys. Some of them are climbing on the cars but do not open the windows or doors. They can be aggressive and steal your camera or other objects.

_DSC3978.jpgThen we went to the elephant’s farm. At the entrance some amazing zebras were in liberty. You can approach them as soon as they are not afraid of you. You can also buy a fruit basket to feed the elephants. This is what I did! Elephants are huge and impressive. They looked like hoovers when they ate the fruits. It was real_DSC4003.jpgly funny… After their snacks you can touch them while some guides are explaining facts about them and are willing to answer your questions.

On the final day, we went to a zoo to discover more of the wildlife in South Africa. Usually, I’m really excited when I’m in a zoo but I really didn’t like this one. In my opinion, there were not enough space for animals to live. Even if animals were beautiful they looked sad and stuck like in a prison.

_DSC4192.jpgIn South Africa especially around the area of Cape Town a lot of Ostrich farms are existing. You may visit some of them, feed the ostrich and even when the ground is not too muddy you can ride an ostrich! I did feed them which was really funny and changed my mind from the zoo.

In one sentence : You can not go in South Africa without discovering the nature and the wildlife of it.

A walk with… Lions

What about spending  some time with big cats? Yeah, you can approach them and admire their beauty from closer than usual. During the garden route (cf article “Fauna in South Africa”) lion’s walk is a worthy detour in my opinion.

_DSC3806.jpgAt first, I wasn’t quite sure that walking behind Lions will bring me a special emotion, feeling. But I’m so glad I did it!

This experience was so memorable. Basically by small groups (around 10 people) you’re going to walk with two lions and of course some guards for about 30 minutes.

Before going in their natural habitat, you have to take a huge stick with you and always hold it in front of you. This stick is supposed to show your superiority to the Lions. It seems really stupid but when you have nothing in front of these animals you’re quite reassured in one way.
_DSC3753.jpgAt first, you didn’t expect how massive they could be… but when they are walking  you can see all the muscles move. Moreover, sometimes guards throw away some meat. Lions basically jump on it as fast as they can. This is when you realize how dangerous they could be.

thumb__DSC3862_1024.jpgWhen I did it, my two lions were female so without a mane. They were still quite impressive especially when they climbed trees. Guards were lovely and helped me to take closer pictures (of course I was not allowed). We had two stops to take pictures with Lions. You are about 5 meters behind them, smiling, with you stick as your only defense… Quite impressive….


To sum up: an amazing experience that you have to do at least once in your life!