Getting into summer: the floral exhibition of Chantilly

Last week, I had some invitations to go into the park of the castle of Chantilly to see the floral exhibition that was taking place. In this rustic atmosphere, walking by the beautiful castle, you enter into the marvelous area of flowers (and its bees). From the peony to the rose you can really find any flower you want! Yes, this is an exhibition of flowers, but you can actually buy them which is the whole purpose of this place.

Because I’m not a big fan of buying flowers, by this sunny day I just decided to take some fresh air and take a walk in this park. Flowers aren’t everything you can find or buy, there is all the stuff you need for your garden like benches, sofas… From the most traditional atmosphere of plants/gardens to the Japanese ones, you’ll find your heart’s desire. This giant flower market is particularly enjoyable, on a lovely afternoon, because of the frame it’s taking place in. You are in the park of the beautiful castle of Chantilly, surrounded by its garden, water, sheep… You can only like this place!

Speaking of the castle, by buying the ticket to go to the floral exhibition you can visit the castle and its stables. Because I’m from this area, I’ve already seen the castle but never talk about it. So, now I think is the right timing. The castle of Chantilly is pretty nice, well maintained but I will not like is far from being the best in France. At some point into the castle you can find rooms looking like the castle of Versailles because of the golden walls. This is the rooms that I preferred, reminding me my history classes. Moreover, the library is impressive as a lover of books this room is nice to see. The rest of the Castle is made of a museum with a lot of paintings that you can admire. I know for facts that there are great paintings exposed, but because I don’t like that much this kind of art I cannot say more. The beauty of the castle, in my opinion, is its outside appearance. I like the fact that the castle is surrounded by water and made with an incredible architecture.

Just beside the castle, its stables are amazing. Chantilly is a city well known for its horse races, and this is why we call it the city of horses. However, the stables are reserved for dressage horses. In these stables, you’ll find the horses (obviously), the museum of the horse and the carousel where horses are performing. This day, we could watch a presentation made by the stables to explain how horses are functioning, the way they treat them and how they train them. Also, they are showing us some tricks but if you want to see a whole performance with music, lights and professionals you can go see the performances that are going on. I’ve actually seen few since I live nearby and wrote a post about one of them: Horse performance in a show!


At the end of the day, this small package of things to do in the city of Chantilly is taking you back to an old time where can project yourself decades ago. A throw back in history that is available all year long (except for the floral exhibition open few times a year).


Useful information:

Paris>Chantilly:  25 minutes by train

Tickets for the floral exhibition+ castle+ stables : 20 euros for 1 adult, 12 euros for children

More info on :


Prague: into a magical weekend

Located in Czech republic, Prague is said as one of the most beautiful city in Europe. I had the chance to spend few days there with my best friend. She’s actually living there because of her ERASMUS exchange. In that sense, she showed me the best parts of the city!

So let’s go into the city of Prague now: this beautiful city with a unique architecture, colors, a soul. The first thing I did in Prague was just walking around in the city center. You’ll love the colors of the buildings, the architecture of them but also the general atmosphere which reminded me Christmas. Indeed, it smells hot wine, sweet smells and the cold is helping to this. After walking around in the city center we eventually went at the old town square which is basically the main place of the city. There you’ll find the astronomic clock, street sellers, street performers… A real beautiful place but also touristic. Just next to this place you can enter freely into the St Nicolas cathedral, a beautiful mix of luxury with its huge chandelier and church paintings. A really quick detour to not miss if you’re at the” old town square”.


The next historical area of Prague is the Jewish area where you can find the old synagogue which gathers the names of all Czech Jewish on the walls. Some people will say that it’s a real emotional place especially with the exposition  of Jewish kid’s drawing. In the backyard of the synagogue, you’ll find the Jewish cemetery which is also poignant. If you are visiting it by a foggy day it can be really scary. From this place, by walking 20 minutes, you can go to the Jerusalem Synagogue (which looks a bit like a mosque) and is very colorful. The price is far more advantageous than the other synagogue and the inside is just amazingly beautiful. There is also inside some historical explanations and a short movie. Overall, the Jewish area is a historical area that if you have time and you want to, you can visit.But if you don’t really have time you can miss this part of the city in order to see some other marvelous things.


You have enough of visiting and you want to have a good view of Prague? To do so, just go at the top of the Petrin hill. To go there you can either take the cable car or hike for about 20 minutes and honestly the hike is super easy. To have a good view of Prague, obviously it’s better to do it during a sunny day or at least not during a cloudy one or you’ll miss the show. When I got there, the fall season was beginning and it gave to this beautiful city an even more stunning looking. Arrived at the top, we went in the Petrin tower (which looks like a small Eiffel tower) to see all of the city of Prague. I’ll let you admire by yourself with the pictures.

The last thing to see in Prague is the castle. This is the most touristic thing to do in Prague so take your time to do the queue. Arrived inside, my friend and I, visited the main cathedral which is huge, colorful and really beautiful. Except of that, you can walk around the “castle” part (but there is no castle) and visit small houses, museums… I cannot say that this place is not beautiful but I was expecting so much about it that I was quite disappointed at the end of the day. Overall it’s still an amazing place to discover.

So here are the main things that I visited and liked during my trip in Prague. Of course, there are a lot more to see such as the Lenon wall, symbol of peace and freedom of the students of Prague (and the Canals around the area) or the St Charles Bridge one of the most popular one with its multiple artists. We also had a surprise by visiting the Senate of Prague which was open because of public holidays!


To discover more about Prague, its food, its night life and tips go check my other article about it : SOON AVAILABLE






Near Kyoto, Osaka is also a big city where you can spend some days there. However, I just
_DSC5327.jpgspent one day and tried to do the maximum during this beautiful day. So, the first thing that I did was the Osaka castle. It’s one of the most famous in Japan and it played a huge role during the 16th century. Nowadays, in the castle you can find a museum. The museum is starting from the last floor until the first floor and retraces the history of Japan. Moreover, at the last floor you can see a panoramic view of Osaka which is not that bad.

After this  stop in the castle, I decided to go in the city center where all the other famous places are. I walked into Den Den Town which is basically the electronic town of Osaka. However, there is not only electronic stuff there. You will find CD shops, manga shops, costume shops… Everything that you can imagine is there! I really enjoyed this place because of its variety of crazy stuff. There is also a lot of “free taxes” shops where you don’t pay the tax on the articles.

In Den Den Town you will find everything related to the crazy Japanese culture such as winning yogurt or chocolate bars into a machine game. The drinking machines are also decorated it give them a fancy look. You can find the costume of manga’s heroes and buy them (if you are courageous or crazy enough).


Which is also surprising is the contrast of modernity and old objects. Indeed, you can find entire shops of old video games with old player station and on the other hand you’ll find extra modern shops with huge screens and the last game on the market.


Before going to the last place that I wanted to see in Osaka I tried typical food from the city. I tried the Takoyaki which is basically some small balls with octopus inside. When I tried that, I didn’t know that some octopus was inside so I was really surprised and disgusted at the same time when I saw a tentacle coming out of the ball. Moreover, I took the plain version of balls but most of the Japanese people put some sauce on it like soy sauce.


People who make these small balls are basically putting the dough into some half circle molds and when it’s starting to cook they turn it really quickly with chopsticks.



So, the last thing I did in Osaka was going to see the beautiful and famous Dotonbori arcade. This huge street is full of restaurants, shops, crazy things… It’s a really beautiful avenue because of the outside of the buildings which are all full of lights and decorations.


Hanging out there was really good and I was once again in the crowd of Japanese people. This place also gives you a lot to laugh about because of weird things such as pet’s clothes or restaurant where you can fish your fish to eat.

In one of the bridges of this long street, there is THE famous place that everyone saw on pictures. This is the place with the big screens and lighting. It was really a good time to spend time there and see the sunset.