STOP 2: Yosemite

After visiting the beautiful city of San Francisco (go check: STOP 1: San Francisco ) and did about 300km of driving, my family and I arrived in the National Park of Yosemite. We spent two amazing days there, full of nature and gorgeous landscape.

We choose to stay outside of the Yosemite park in a small hotel, but you can definitely camp in defined areas inside the National Park (be aware of bears though). We also visited the park during two days but because it’s huge you can definitely spend a lot more time there. The other important (and practical) point about Yosemite is that you should have a car to travel around it. When you are inside the Valley it’s better to use the shuttle bus, but outside of the valley, you can’t move without a car.

The thing that I was surprised about Yosemite was the changing landscape and vegetation depending on different locations. You can go from waterfall and lakes to rocky and dry area. It’s absolutely stunning! The first vista point we stopped to see was the famous “tunnel view”  (if you enter by the South entrance). It was the first impression we had on Yosemite after seeing a lof of pins. You can see the top of the valley of Yosemite. It can’t be described. You have huge mountains all around you and the valley at the bottom. A great entrance into this beautiful park.


FullSizeRender.jpgOur next stop was the Yosemite’s valley where we spent the day. From the valley there is a lot of hiking and trail starts to see more beautiful places. As mentioned before you can go to one point to another through the shuttle bus. We did some small and easy trails that the staff proposed us. It was really pleasant and good to be in the nature. We saw two waterfalls (which were almost dried because it was the summer) but still good. The place wasn’t crowded so you can really enjoy your time.

The most beautiful part in my opinion was the valley view. There was a great stretch of grass, mountains all around it and beautiful lakes crossing it. A real magic place! We picnicked there and it was the ideal spot.

To end our day, after visiting other spot like the mirror lake, we decided to go see the sunset at the Glacier point. The view was again really beautiful but the sunset wasn’t amazing. This is what’s happening with nature, we can’t control it!


For our last day in Yosemite we mooved from the valley to see another face of Yosemite. We stopped a lot on our road to see several vista points but two of them were really beautiful. The first one was the Olmsted Point. This place was out of the wolrd. After walking for about 10 minutes you are the master of the world, on the top of it. Seeing a rocky Yosemite, an endless Yosemite.


The other point we loved was the Tenaya lake. To be honest I think it’s one of the most beautiful water I never saw in my life. The mountain and trees around it made the lake even more beautiful. Even if the water is amazing is extremely freezing (even in summer) so if you want to swimm in: be brave!


After seing these different spots and others (such as the meadows) around Yosemite we drove until our next destination: STOP 3: Lakes discovered along the road trip

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Discovering the wonders of Jeju island

Jeju island also called the Korean Hawaii is not very touristic for foreigners but mostly for Koreans.

This natural island let us see an amazing show of crystal water, huge waterfall, dense vegetation…

From Busan (the second biggest city in South Korea) it’s only 45 minutes by plane and tickets can be really cheap.

In Jeju, you can either spend 3 or 4 days to discover the island or spend a lot more time to enjoy full holidays and stay at the beaches.

I only stayed 4 days but still I could really enjoy the unbelievable beauty of this island.

_DSC7296The first thing that people want to see in Jeju are the many beaches. Indeed the water is transparent, the sand white and it’s not crowded during the scholar year.

The first beach that I loved was Hyeopjae Beach. The beach in itself is not very big and you don’t really want to lay down in the sun there BUT the water is amazingly beautiful ! You have this water that I never saw before, black rocks around you, white sand and another small island in front of you. It really looks like a postcard.

If you don’t lay down a lot on the beach you can still go in the warm water or walk along the water to enjoy it. _DSC7319


If you are looking for a big and beautiful beach there is the Hamdeok beach. This beach is _dsc7823not less pretty than the other one. To spend some time there this is the perfect spot. The water is amazingly blue, the sand white, you have some small trials to go on the mountain next to it.


If you want to escape people and be in a quiet spot there are a lot of small bays where you can go and enjoy your time.


Despite its amazing beaches, Jeju also has an incredible flora. It’s genially something that it’s really peaceful and enjoyable. Even on the road, you’ll find hundreds (or thousands) of different species of plants and flowers.




This is why because of its rich wildlife Jeju has some_dsc7371 other surprises. The first one is the Cheonjiyeon waterfall. To go to this waterfall, you have to go through a small park which is really beautiful. You’ll see the end of the waterfall all around the way, a huge wall of plants… Once you go there you see a beautiful waterfall…. but let’s not lie! It’s not extraordinary. The high of the waterfall is not that impressive. What it’s more impressive are the colors of the water, the frame of the place.

This is still a beautiful place to see and visit when you’re in Jeju.




After seeing this waterfall we went by walking to Jeongbang waterfall (about 30 minutes) which is completely different. This waterfall is more impressive by its height and the wildlife is completely different. You’re not anymore in the middle of the green but near the ocean.

Indeed, Jeongbang waterfall is the only waterfall in Asia which falls directly into the Ocean, and it’s true that it’s pretty. The feeling of this waterfall is even more powerful. From one side, you see the waterfall falling and from the other side you see the ocean, large and infinite.




Of course, Jeju is full of other gorgeous spots, natural surprises but I couldn’t explore all the island during my staying. But here a small overview of what Jeju can offers you.