Getting into summer: the floral exhibition of Chantilly

Last week, I had some invitations to go into the park of the castle of Chantilly to see the floral exhibition that was taking place. In this rustic atmosphere, walking by the beautiful castle, you enter into the marvelous area of flowers (and its bees). From the peony to the rose you can really find any flower you want! Yes, this is an exhibition of flowers, but you can actually buy them which is the whole purpose of this place.

Because I’m not a big fan of buying flowers, by this sunny day I just decided to take some fresh air and take a walk in this park. Flowers aren’t everything you can find or buy, there is all the stuff you need for your garden like benches, sofas… From the most traditional atmosphere of plants/gardens to the Japanese ones, you’ll find your heart’s desire. This giant flower market is particularly enjoyable, on a lovely afternoon, because of the frame it’s taking place in. You are in the park of the beautiful castle of Chantilly, surrounded by its garden, water, sheep… You can only like this place!

Speaking of the castle, by buying the ticket to go to the floral exhibition you can visit the castle and its stables. Because I’m from this area, I’ve already seen the castle but never talk about it. So, now I think is the right timing. The castle of Chantilly is pretty nice, well maintained but I will not like is far from being the best in France. At some point into the castle you can find rooms looking like the castle of Versailles because of the golden walls. This is the rooms that I preferred, reminding me my history classes. Moreover, the library is impressive as a lover of books this room is nice to see. The rest of the Castle is made of a museum with a lot of paintings that you can admire. I know for facts that there are great paintings exposed, but because I don’t like that much this kind of art I cannot say more. The beauty of the castle, in my opinion, is its outside appearance. I like the fact that the castle is surrounded by water and made with an incredible architecture.

Just beside the castle, its stables are amazing. Chantilly is a city well known for its horse races, and this is why we call it the city of horses. However, the stables are reserved for dressage horses. In these stables, you’ll find the horses (obviously), the museum of the horse and the carousel where horses are performing. This day, we could watch a presentation made by the stables to explain how horses are functioning, the way they treat them and how they train them. Also, they are showing us some tricks but if you want to see a whole performance with music, lights and professionals you can go see the performances that are going on. I’ve actually seen few since I live nearby and wrote a post about one of them: Horse performance in a show!


At the end of the day, this small package of things to do in the city of Chantilly is taking you back to an old time where can project yourself decades ago. A throw back in history that is available all year long (except for the floral exhibition open few times a year).


Useful information:

Paris>Chantilly:  25 minutes by train

Tickets for the floral exhibition+ castle+ stables : 20 euros for 1 adult, 12 euros for children

More info on :


Ueno park in Tokyo

When you think of a park you don’t imagine what’s inside the Ueno park. This huge park is located in Tokyo, Japan, and shelter so much things to see and explore. You could easily spend the day there especially on a sunny day!


The most beautiful thing that I loved there was the multitude of little temples all around the park. You are immersed into the Japanese culture trough these temples and orange sticks paths. One of the temples is in the middle of a lake called Benten-do sanctuary. You join this one by a little bridge and are surrounded



F_DSC4643.jpgor example, one of the temple (called Benten-do sanctuary) is in the middle of a lake. You join the sanctuary by a little bridge and are surrounded by water. There, the sightseeing is composed of the buildings of the city on the other side of the lake and at the same time the traditional sanctuary . The contrast of modernity and traditionality of Japan is resumed with this small area of Ueno park.


_DSC4695.jpgThis park is composed of three museums and a zoo that I didn’t visit because of a lack of time and a lack of motivation. Even though I visited the famous Toshogu which is stunning. Covered with gold and details of colorful paint on the facade : this is amazing! This temple can just being visited by the outside, the inside is not allowed to visit. Even though it’s worth it and will shine your heart… (or burn your eyes with too much sun!)


_DSC4681.jpgMoreover, when I get there I went to an exposition of flowers in the parc. This peaceful place offered to people to enjoy the simple beauty of nature. All the flowers are under small hats of wood to protect them from the possible snow. This little place full of flowers is a real paradise out of time.

To sum up, if you have time to spend in Tokyo, spend half a day or a whole day there, to enjoy peacefully the Japanese culture.