Sidi Bou Saïd

De loin le quartier le plus touristique mais aussi le plus agréable à visiter Sidi Bou Saïd est une étape incontournable pour la capitale tunisienne. À seulement une vingtaine de minutes et quelques dinars dépensés en taxi vous voici plongé entre l’architecture des Cyclades grecques et de l’Andalousie espagnole. Véritable balcon sur la mer, les balades sont nombreuses entre les rues blanches et bleues et les portes de pierre sculptées.


Lieu de haute inspiration pour nombreux artistes, Sidi Bou Saïd fut autrefois un lieu de spiritualité et de pèlerinage interdit aux roumis. Aujourd’hui, les touristes peuvent montez jusqu’au cimetière pour admirer la vue panoramique.


Petit tips : Pour boire un verre avec la plus belle vue de Tunis, c’est comme dans la chanson de Patrick Bruel, rendez-vous au café des délices (Jus de fraise délicieux).



STOP 2: Yosemite

After visiting the beautiful city of San Francisco (go check: STOP 1: San Francisco ) and did about 300km of driving, my family and I arrived in the National Park of Yosemite. We spent two amazing days there, full of nature and gorgeous landscape.

We choose to stay outside of the Yosemite park in a small hotel, but you can definitely camp in defined areas inside the National Park (be aware of bears though). We also visited the park during two days but because it’s huge you can definitely spend a lot more time there. The other important (and practical) point about Yosemite is that you should have a car to travel around it. When you are inside the Valley it’s better to use the shuttle bus, but outside of the valley, you can’t move without a car.

The thing that I was surprised about Yosemite was the changing landscape and vegetation depending on different locations. You can go from waterfall and lakes to rocky and dry area. It’s absolutely stunning! The first vista point we stopped to see was the famous “tunnel view”  (if you enter by the South entrance). It was the first impression we had on Yosemite after seeing a lof of pins. You can see the top of the valley of Yosemite. It can’t be described. You have huge mountains all around you and the valley at the bottom. A great entrance into this beautiful park.


FullSizeRender.jpgOur next stop was the Yosemite’s valley where we spent the day. From the valley there is a lot of hiking and trail starts to see more beautiful places. As mentioned before you can go to one point to another through the shuttle bus. We did some small and easy trails that the staff proposed us. It was really pleasant and good to be in the nature. We saw two waterfalls (which were almost dried because it was the summer) but still good. The place wasn’t crowded so you can really enjoy your time.

The most beautiful part in my opinion was the valley view. There was a great stretch of grass, mountains all around it and beautiful lakes crossing it. A real magic place! We picnicked there and it was the ideal spot.

To end our day, after visiting other spot like the mirror lake, we decided to go see the sunset at the Glacier point. The view was again really beautiful but the sunset wasn’t amazing. This is what’s happening with nature, we can’t control it!


For our last day in Yosemite we mooved from the valley to see another face of Yosemite. We stopped a lot on our road to see several vista points but two of them were really beautiful. The first one was the Olmsted Point. This place was out of the wolrd. After walking for about 10 minutes you are the master of the world, on the top of it. Seeing a rocky Yosemite, an endless Yosemite.


The other point we loved was the Tenaya lake. To be honest I think it’s one of the most beautiful water I never saw in my life. The mountain and trees around it made the lake even more beautiful. Even if the water is amazing is extremely freezing (even in summer) so if you want to swimm in: be brave!


After seing these different spots and others (such as the meadows) around Yosemite we drove until our next destination: STOP 3: Lakes discovered along the road trip

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STOP 1: San Francisco

Here I am! Back with some of my new adventures. I’ve been doing a road trip around the West Coast of the US with my family. I saw so many beautiful landscapes, had so much fun so I decided to share it through my blog (again).

After a (very) long trip, we arrived in the Japan Town of San Francisco, where we stayed. San Francisco offered to us in three days a really great overview of what we expected. Downtown (called Union Square) was made of big buildings, the American flag waving in the sky, the stairs on the walls of buildings, the lighting, the fireman’s cars, the tramway crossing the street, the up and down streets… Basically, an animated city.

What I DIDN’T LIKE in San Francisco? I’m going to start by what I’ve been frustrated when I was in San Francisco. The first thing is the famous tramway. To take it you have to make hours of queue, which is not worth it. The second point when I was frustrated (but it was our fault) is that we missed the view of the Coit tower. It was actually closed so we couldn’t see SF from above (end at 5:30 pm). Finally, in SF you have drugged people and homeless people. It’s not something that is bad, it’s life but I just wanted to tell that the number is way more important than in France for example, so it’s kind of shocking.

What I LOVED in San Francisco? The main atmosphere given by SF is mainly due to its culture. You can see that it’s a city with history, full of art, music… At almost every corner streets you can see street art, but not like in the subway in Paris. It’s a real art ! It’s mostly represented in the area of Haight-Ashbury, which is the hippie corner. Besides, the street art there is guitar shops, book shop, bio shop, hippie shop, old costumes shop, every kind of shop.

Near this beautiful place, the other thing to see are the painted ladies which are _dsc8018beautiful,big and colorful houses. The typical architecture, called Victorian style, is a characteristic of San Francisco. To end this day, we decided to rent a bicycle in the Golden Gate park, enjoying the nature to go to the beach (which was extremely cold).

The next day, we explored more San Francisco by seeing the Lombard street which is the most crooked street in the world. It was cool to see it once in our life, but not as spectacular as we imagined. (Plus there is a lot of tourists). We continued our trip in SF with Chinatown that I particularly liked (not like my parents). I found the Chinese lanterns above the streets really pretty and the Chinese street art gave an amazing atmosphere to the place. We were not courageous enough to try one of the many restaurants there but we did buy some useless stuff.



Then we did THE thing to do in San Francisco: go on the Golden bridge. I was so excited to see it for real during a bus tour. Because SF is most of the time in the fog we were lucky enough to see the_dsc8220 entire  bridge! If you go on the bridge you should know that it’s extremely windy and cold. We enjoyed the rest of our day on the Pier 39, the most famous of SF, eating strawberry dipped in chocolate and tacos, watching the sea lions and enjoying the place.

For our last day in the foggy city of San Francisco, we decided to do something more cultural so we went on Alcatraz island where one of the most famous prisons was. I wasn’t expected a lot from this visit (that you have to book a long time before) but I was really surprised. Being in a prison for real is a particular feeling that it’s weird but an incredible experience. The thing that did make the visit really good was the free audio guide. The story of Alcatraz was explained by ex-prisoners and ex-prison guards. They told us the story of Alcatraz through their experience. A more personal approach which gave a unique and timeless moment.


After the visit of the prison, we took the car and drove to go to our next destination: STOP 2: Yosemite

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Homigot sunrise in Pohang

Since I’m living in South Korea for 6 months, during public holidays my friends and I decided to rent a car and go see the sunrise in Pohang. Pohang is located in the South of South Korea about 3 hours by train from Seoul.

IMG_1571.jpgHomigot is one of the eastern point of the Korean peninsula and locals are going to see the sunrise especially for the Korean new year. This place is really famous for its hand called the “coexistence hand”. When the sun goes up it looks like the hand hold the sun.



There is not much to say about this place but seeing thIMG_1585.jpge sunrise on the sea is always a wonderful show. The reverse clock guide us to know when the sun will go up. Even if the show is beautiful, the place is (really really) cold especially during winter. Because it’s near the see it is really windy and you quickly cannot feel your feet and hands. BUT this is a pain that is quickly forgotten by the amazing sunrise.